Fine Structure

I recently got very lucky to collaborate with Kelly Bello Design. Since MoJ hasn’t been build out yet as something bigger than what it is now and I don’t have a photographer (neither a hairstylist!), I although tried the best I could to take some good images of the Stretched Triangle necklace. Anyways, the necklace is such a marvelous piece so I wanted to let you see more of the Fine Structure line which this baby is part of.
Kelly is an emerging fine jewelry designer based in New York City. Kelly Bello’s Fine Structure Line is made up of delicate one-of-a-kind pieces. An elegant edgy line with gold, freshwater pearls and diamonds. What does a girl needs more?
Her designs are simply innovative, perfect to wear anytime anywhere!


Find all these pieces of the Fine Structure Line here.



[All images by Kelly Bello Design & MoJ]