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Gauguin Pearl

Stop looking at these gorgeous eyes. Rather put your eyes on these amazing pearl rings. The rings I said! Kimberlin Brown’s Gauguin Pearl rings are beyond incredible. The rings, with white pearl or black pearl & diamonds, are ocean-inspired. A gorgeous pearl nestled in between a anemone shaped ring. A beautiful organic shaped ring with a Tahitian pearl…yup, I’m […]

Triangle of Pearls

While I adore the Crescent Pearl necklace by Czech designer Markéta Dlouhá Márová of Antipearle, I decided to go for bigger and bolder. And that piece is the Triangle necklace. As the jewelry line itself says it, it’s all about pearls. Pearls jewelry. So if you love massive shapes and pearls, the line and this piece are like heaven to you! The necklace comes in gold, silver […]

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Over the weekend, I had been thinking to re-watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s. So far it hasn’t been a success but I will make time to watch the movie. It is just perfect to watching during these days. A beautiful and magical story can’t be missed. Audrey Hepburn and pearls, the perfect combo. Also, pearls as seen […]

Spinelli Kilcollin : Bluet

It happened so easily. I went over to Spinelli Kilcollin online because I had some interest in designer Yves Spinelli’s link rings such as the Nexus, Libra and Carina Gris rings. Eyecandy all the way. So yeah, I just wanted to see al of his unique and signature style creations. And then, there she appeared, the Bluet […]

That Pearl Ring

New York creative director and designer Angie Marei of Diaboli Kill created an incredible kind of Pearl ring. A stunner and even beyond that. The Isis white pearl ring in 18k yellow gold, white diamonds and black enamel as seen worn above is available by custom order only. Ain’t it a beauty? This ring also comes […]

Golden Pearl

  Having a weakness for rings doesn’t make it easy when it comes to writing posts. I can tell you that. By loving the Pearl Collection by Another Feather, I wasn’t decided yet about which piece to put in the spotlight. My head said to go for the Discus necklace or Fin Stud but my heart said Pearl ring. I […]

Spike Pearl

Classy and bold. and Edgy. That’s how I would describe the Spike Pearl earrings by Nektar De Stagni. Pearl is know for it being classy and stylish. Those pearl earring by designer Nektar have that something extra, golden spikes, which makes them look a little badass. But still looking elegant though.

Stacked Pearls

  I will say it over and over again but you just cannot not love Jennie Kwon‘s designs. Her dainty rings when the more you wear of them, the better. Seriously, you must own some Jennie Kwon pieces. Which FYI, you also can purchase via Barneys NY. To name some other favorites besides ALL of her […]