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October Birthstone

As you might know, each month is associated with a gemstone. For october this is the opal. Opal gemstones are truly unique because each individual gem is adorned with a one-of-a-kind color combination and flashes brilliant colors with even the slightest movement. You can find them in different tones/varieties such as precious (iridescent colors), black (dark), fire […]

May Birthstone

Besides sapphire being my favorite birthstone (I’m born in September), emerald is my favorite as well. It has a gorgeous rich green color but it also is my better half his birthstone. Emeralds come in a wide range of natural colors and shades of green. Color is mainly caused by the gemstones’s selective absorption of […]

Stacked Pearls

  I will say it over and over again but you just cannot not love Jennie Kwon‘s designs. Her dainty rings when the more you wear of them, the better. Seriously, you must own some Jennie Kwon pieces. Which FYI, you also can purchase via Barneys NY. To name some other favorites besides ALL of her […]

Web ring

  As it’s Halloween I could do a whole post about all jewelry related pieces to this event. But let’s keep it simple and let’s just take a look at this Diamond Web ring by Jennie Kwon. And hey, this is not only perfect to wear on Halloween. It’s too cool to only wear it […]

Black Onyx

Jennie Kwon, ah, yes.  I first fell  for her…well I fell hard for her Onyx ring. By now I amloving so much more such as the Arrow earrings, White Diamond Equilibrium Cuff ring, the Hexagon intial ring and Braided Bar bracelet. And more! But like I just said, I fell hard for her Onyx ring. Perfect to match with other […]