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October Birthstone

As you might know, each month is associated with a gemstone. For october this is the opal. Opal gemstones are truly unique because each individual gem is adorned with a one-of-a-kind color combination and flashes brilliant colors with even the slightest movement. You can find them in different tones/varieties such as precious (iridescent colors), black (dark), fire […]

March Birthstone

The birthstone of March is aquamarine. A beautiful pale blue color to deep blue. This color actually reminds me of a sunny Spring day with blue skies. Or a beautiful island surrounded by an amazing blue ocean. Aquamrine as in oceanic colors. Describes the blue color pretty good huh? Not a coincidence aquamarine in Latin means “water of […]

Echo Jewelry Box

Adorn your desk or vanity table with this pretty jewelry box by The Style Line x Melissa Joy Manning. A simple square wooden box with a unique raw Zeolite stone on top. Or with multiple ones: Zeolite with Cavansite & Druzy Quartz on Agate Freeform. In case a square box size 4”x4”x3” is too small […]