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The Mrs. Box

I’m a hoarder when it comes to jewelry boxes. Every box I have but no longer used are stored together. Recently I just had to make a selection and which to keep. Not that easy! Anyways, one of the most perfect jewelry boxes (which I don’t have any of…yet) are those by The Mrs. Box. Multiple […]

Glass Display

Baby, it’s cold outside! This means lots of hours ,in my free time, on the net. That’s how I came across Anthropologie‘s beautiful glass jewelry boxes. Those are exactly what I have been looking for since a while now. The glass boxes are classic and timeless but they also make the best displays. You can find such […]

Echo Jewelry Box

Adorn your desk or vanity table with this pretty jewelry box by The Style Line x Melissa Joy Manning. A simple square wooden box with a unique raw Zeolite stone on top. Or with multiple ones: Zeolite with Cavansite & Druzy Quartz on Agate Freeform. In case a square box size 4”x4”x3” is too small […]