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March Birthstone

The birthstone of March is aquamarine. A beautiful pale blue color to deep blue. This color actually reminds me of a sunny Spring day with blue skies. Or a beautiful island surrounded by an amazing blue ocean. Aquamrine as in oceanic colors. Describes the blue color pretty good huh? Not a coincidence aquamarine in Latin means “water of […]

Sparkling Halloween

  Happy Halloween lovelies! If you are about to go to a Halloween party tonight, have blast! If not, then it’s THE day to wear your scarriest jewels. Well, scary…shiny halloween-themed jewels. It’s time to treat yourself with some frightful fine jewelry pieces.


Lady Capulet

  No doubt I am a ring enthusiast. I keep on loving rings. Besides that, I love them bold but I do love them fine too. And here is a lovely, fine ring…the Lady Capulet ring by Babyanything. BTW, I love all of their rings right now! Every single one. But I decided to go […]