Lady Capulet

baby anything rings - madeofjewelry
No doubt I am a ring enthusiast. I keep on loving rings. Besides that, I love them bold but I do love them fine too.
And here is a lovely, fine ring…the Lady Capulet ring by Babyanything. BTW, I love all of their rings right now! Every single one.
But I decided to go for this ring today. So dainty. So classic. I like it. How about you?
I can see myself wearing three of these stacked together. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Babyanything lady capulet rings - madeofjewelry

babyanything lady capulet - madeofjewelry
Lady Capulet with
Diamond | Sapphire | Seed Pearl
Ruby | Aquamarine | Emerald

Which is your favorite?



[All images via Babyanything | Collages made by MoJ]