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During my visit in Paris to WHITE bIRD jewellery, I had a crush on one of Brooke Gregson‘s rings. As a fan of her work, I already got excited to see her pieces for the first time by myself. And there she was, a beautiful boulder opal ring caught my attention. She mezmerised me with its beautiful […]

October Birthstone

As you might know, each month is associated with a gemstone. For october this is the opal. Opal gemstones are truly unique because each individual gem is adorned with a one-of-a-kind color combination and flashes brilliant colors with even the slightest movement. You can find them in different tones/varieties such as precious (iridescent colors), black (dark), fire […]

Summer Wishlist

It’s summer and our summer holiday is getting closer day by day. This year -ten days to go!- my lover and I are going to Fuerteventura-which is an island. Sun, sea, beach and just the two of us. Heaven! So I have been thinking to make a summer wishlist (as I did last year). Some […]


  Just as my friend Louise agreed with me on this necklace, it definitely looks beautiful. Great minds think alike… The Sunrise necklace by Brooke Gregson is a lovely piece with a triangular opal stone and diamond pavé details. Sunrise, the daily first appearance of the sun above the eastern horizon. I would without a […]