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December Birthstone

/> The last birthstone of the year…so I decided to go for the two known stones of this month: Turquoise and Tanzanite. This little selection speaks for itself. Gorgeous stones make beautiful jewelry. 😉 Tanzanite has a beautiful blue color, lighter than sapphire but looking a alike even though, kinda violet-blue. The turquoise, a blue-green […]

Summer Wishlist

It’s summer and our summer holiday is getting closer day by day. This year -ten days to go!- my lover and I are going to Fuerteventura-which is an island. Sun, sea, beach and just the two of us. Heaven! So I have been thinking to make a summer wishlist (as I did last year). Some […]

Golden Bands

  Sometimes there nothing as good as a gold band ring. Becca Cass of B.C.E. Jewelry creates some great ones. Band rings have a sipmle design but although you have to like these. They are timeless and suit with everything. Plus, you can stack with ’em! I am a fan of Becca and I like […]