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December Birthstone

/> The last birthstone of the year…so I decided to go for the two known stones of this month: Turquoise and Tanzanite. This little selection speaks for itself. Gorgeous stones make beautiful jewelry. ūüėČ Tanzanite has a beautiful blue color, lighter than sapphire but looking a alike even though, kinda violet-blue. The turquoise, a blue-green […]


Sometimes, we need not just that extra sparkle but also that extra color. The Sienna ring by¬†Santa Catarsis¬†provides that extra touch. This ring, by designer¬†Carolina Medrano, is 18K gold plated over silver with an eye-catching bold green turquoise. ¬†A ring which is perfect to mix and match with other gems rings. What are you waiting […]


  In case you love wearing collars, then no doubt you will adore this one. It’s the Leigh collar by Stanmore. Love its design by designer Catherine Alexander. The Mojave yellow turquoise make this piece a bit more summer-ish. The collar has nice details. And it are those¬†details which makes the¬†¬†Leigh collar¬†even more eye-catching. They […]


  Who’s Kimberley? This is Kimberley! A gorgeous ring with a unique design by Karoline Bolt. Karoline has just launched her website and I am happy I sat here behind my computer screen. Somehow I ended up on her website and I got lovestruck with her jewelry. My oh my, splendid pieces! We all should […]

Arik Kastan’s ring bling

  If you are a jewelry enthusiast, than you cannot not love Arik Kastan. You would love every single ring, every single necklace (Cluster Padlock!), every bracelet and every pair of earrings. Hmhm, I’m telling you. In case you don’t know Arik Kastan…just not yet, be sure to take a closer look at these rings […]

Blue Lagoon

  Summer is getting closer, Coachella has debuted, the beaches are waiting for us…so we need some adequate jewelry don’t you agree? I thought you might like PFYT Collective might be what we need. Some bracelets like the Ocean Lullaby, to wear with today’s featured bracelet: the Blue Lagoon cuff. Just say you like it!