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  It’s official, the Floris collection is my favorite collection by Sarina Suriano. From the collar necklaces to all other sparkling pieces. They are all so pretty. And also a must have to get for the upcoming festive season. The pieces are stylish and feminine. Designer Sarina Suriano knows what us women like, that’s for sure. The Floris collection is […]


The Hydrant collar and I, it was just love at first sight. It is a piece of the Industrial Revolution collection by W.Britt. The collar has 3-dimensional streamlined shape which gives it an ‘industrial’ look. Industrial like the name of the collection says by itself. It look like a constructed neckpiece. Quite sculptural in a way. It is made out […]


  In case you love wearing collars, then no doubt you will adore this one. It’s the Leigh collar by Stanmore. Love its design by designer Catherine Alexander. The Mojave yellow turquoise make this piece a bit more summer-ish. The collar has nice details. And it are those details which makes the  Leigh collar even more eye-catching. They […]

Crossed Rein

  I instantly fell in love with the image on the homepage of TOMTOM. And of course the jewelry pieces. The whole photograph has everything I like about it. It made me not dare to look any further to all the other jewelry pieces available online. I got too scared to fall in love with […]


  First of all, David Webb is a name you should know. David Webb jewelry was founded in 1945. Sounds already glamorous enough for you? No? Imagine old movies such as Casablanca with Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. A Classic. But do you already get what I mean? The ‘brand’ was founded when Lauren Bacall, […]

So Chevron

  Ain’t this a good looking collar? Not too much and just enough of what a collar should be like. Not to simple but yet simplistic. Get what I mean? Originally from Norway, New York-based (Chelsea to be precise) jewelry designer Linn Lømo creates interesting polished pieces. The Chevron collar from the FW13 Salome collection is on of […]