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Tapered Curve & Mother of Pearls

I got very fond of  Laurie Fleming‘s Protea collection ever since she launchedit a few months ago. The earpieces really stole my heart (while I’m actually a huge ring-lover) and haunted me ever since. Now I have been lucky to finally own a few of Laurie’s rad ear pieces and I couldn’t be any more happier with them. It’s […]


  It’s official, the Floris collection is my favorite collection by Sarina Suriano. From the collar necklaces to all other sparkling pieces. They are all so pretty. And also a must have to get for the upcoming festive season. The pieces are stylish and feminine. Designer Sarina Suriano knows what us women like, that’s for sure. The Floris collection is […]

Girl With a Dragon Earring

  While looking at pretty images on Pinterest I came across this image… I instantly insulted myself for not heaving featured this piece way sooner. So this post is to repair my mistake and to highlight this beautiful piece by Rodarte. The absolute gorgeous Dragon ear cuff. Ear cuffs are darn good, that we all know by now. You have […]

Raw Diamond

  Look at this interesting ear decoration. The Diamond Brut ear cuff  by Alexandra Kaldili is subtle and refined. It’s a silver thread which wraps the ear and with silver raw diamond-shaped endings. Find out more ear cuffs like this one online. They all just look as good. Because sometimes, our ears need some attention too. 😉

Crystal ears

  For those who don’t know this brand yet, let me proudly present you AS29! Yes, proudly, because proud is what I am when sharing with you Belgian designers. Belgian, just like I am. And today it’s designer Audrey Savransky. AS29, as in her initials and lucky number. Audrey is known to create jewels with […]

Joëlle Jewellery

Joëlle Jewellery is one more jewelry brand who has me in its grip. Plus, I just found out it is a Belgian brand by Joelle Savransky, which I didn’t know until I created this post. Belgian…I am Belgian too, so how cool is that!? All the jewels by Joëlle have a glam rock kind of style. […]

Ryan Storer

  I already told I love ear cuffs. And to add to my personal ‘best ear cuff designers’, there is Ryan Storer One after the other is making me being dazzled. There are not just the amazing ear cuffs. No, no. Ryan Storer has more beautiful pieces such as the Crystal drop neck cuff. I […]

Amber Sceats’ Collection Two

  Amber Sceats Collection Two is an acclamation to the beauty of our surrounds. Inspired by the colours of the Cote D’Azure (such as Green Fluorite, Blue Pyrite,Amazonite, Malachite, Rose Quartz and African Jade), the collection is an exploration of silhouettes with an architectural influence. All those pieces have something rock, glam and classic. The […]