Crystal ears

AS29 crystal collection - madeofjewelry

For those who don’t know this brand yet, let me proudly present you AS29! Yes, proudly, because proud is what I am when sharing with you Belgian designers. Belgian, just like I am. And today it’s designer Audrey Savransky. AS29, as in her initials and lucky number.
Audrey is known to create jewels with diamonds. And we all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? She is helping us, women, to sparkle and I like it!
Besides loving Audrey’s Flow,  Arrow and Ocean collections, just to name a few, I also do adore the new Crystal collection. It looks so floral, so feminine and of course very beautiful. I love every single piece of this collection. Especially the Crystal earcuff. Because normal earrings are sometimes not enough and this ear cuff is everything we love.
This beautys are made out of white and black diamonds, simply perfect.

AS29 crystal earcuff - madeofjewelry



[All images via AS29]