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Today I’m happy to present you the fine jewelry ‘Reina Collection‘ by Luca Jouel. A classic collection where you will find unique diamonds and gemstones together with gold and platinum tones. The pieces include rings, earrings and necklaces and have two notable things in common: their organic design and the lotus, which is also part of Luca […]

Kings & Queens

I admire many jewelry designers. It’s always facinating to discover them and their new creations. Michelle Fantaci is one of those. Ever since I created this blog, I kept on following her work. Some time ago (last year actually) she launched her new pieces, called Chess Collection,  and I was instantly in love with the […]

Venus in Furs

As a huge fan of AnaKatarina, as huge was the excitment when I saw a few pieces from her upcoming collection via her social media. An incredible and very feminine collection called ‘Venus in Furs’. Every single piece is to die for. Yes, I’m telling you…this collection is ah-maaa-zing! In a nod to the iconic novella […]

Ioanna Souflia

Ioanna Souflia is a jewelry designer from Greece living in Paris. Ioanna is the founder of the homonym brand Ioanna Souflia Jewelry which just has launched their first fine jewelry collection, the Symbiosis collection. This collection is based on the co-existence of contrasting elements; colors, shapes, volume and materials and the pieces are all handmade in black gold, white […]


In early 2014, designer Rochelle Gordon launched ERA which is a fine jewelry line of pieced that are designed and hand-made in Los Angeles, California and all stones and diamonds are completely genuine. ERA is inspired by the relationship between three sisters, Erin, Rochelle and Alison, who instill within each other the passion for excitement, sisterhood and uniqueness.Today […]

Laurie Fleming: Protea Collection

Say Hello to Laurie Fleming Jewellery‘s newest A/W’15 collection, Protea. It is a stunning fine & delicate jewelry collection which you only but can love. At least, I do. The new A/W collection includes custom, hand-faceted white mother of pearl stones made just for LFJ. A ton of new pieces which I’m super excited about! […]

Butterflies & Moons

Paradise! That’s the first thought that crosses my mind when looking at Sarah Richey‘s two newest collections. Perhaps ‘Eden’ might be a fit better. Sarah has created two different collections, Butterfly Tourmaline & Moon collections. Both collections are different but are magnificent.


Designers Luke Shimell and Emma Madden, of Shimell & Madden,  were inspired for their newest collection by celestial bodies, their movements, and the mechanisms made to track them ‘Orb’ is a collection of mesmerising concentric designs. The use of semi-spherical stones is reminiscent of planetary shapes, and the circular patterns like their orbits. The Orb collection features deep red […]