Butterflies & Moons

Paradise! That’s the first thought that crosses my mind when looking at Sarah Richey‘s two newest collections. Perhaps ‘Eden’ might be a fit better.
Sarah has created two different collections, Butterfly Tourmaline & Moon collections.
Both collections are different but are magnificent.

First of all, the Butterfly Tourmaline collection

As you maybe might know, I personally looove watermelon tourmalines.
To Sarah, butterflies are a symbol of transformation and change. They also represent creativity, freedom, and beauty. “They remind me not to take life too seriously and allow things to evolve and shift naturally.” says Sarah. Love this thought and couldn’t agree more.
“I hand-picked the prettiest tourmalines that I could find and made each butterfly wing uniquely different… just like a real butterfly.”.
Honestly, who doesn’t love butterflies? I find them interesting and gracious creatures. Just like this collection.


And then there is the cute Moon collection

“I’ve always been fascinated by astrology, the stars and the moon. Recently I had a dream of my grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. In the dream she was in the stars with the moon shining on her. It was absolutely beautiful. I was excited to design a moon collection in honor of her. The moon represents emotion, intuition, and the feminine. I love how it turned out!”
We love it too! The Moon Face necklace is just so adorable.
Every piece of the collection is whimsical with a celestial look…and visa versa.

Email Sarah to order or for more info: info@sarahrichey.com

[All images via and by Sarah Richey | Edits & collage by MoJ]