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Laurie Fleming: Protea Collection

Say Hello to Laurie Fleming Jewellery‘s newest A/W’15 collection, Protea. It is a stunning fine & delicate jewelry collection which you only but can love. At least, I do. The new A/W collection includes custom, hand-faceted white mother of pearl stones made just for LFJ. A ton of new pieces which I’m super excited about! […]

Maria Black, I Want It All!

  Maria Black jewelry, sigh… Her jewelry is special…different. Some items make me think of something spacial. Or I might simply be insane, that’s a possibility. But ‘oh-my-god’, the jewelry pieces are fascinating. They want me to look at them. They do scream it. I am head over heels with her jewelry, just saying this […]


  There is this Carnivore collection by Annelise Michelson. I find it pretty and audacious. The name of the collection says enough about the jewelry piece themselves. Also, know that each piece is produced in limited quantities and hand-crafted in France using only 100% French materials.

Salome Arrow Head Creoles

  Another Instagram discovery, from a week ago, the Salome Arrow Head Creoles. By following Katie Rowland, I was on there at the right time to see the newest picture (see above) which was just being uploaded. It was as if it popped into my eye. “Look at me, look at me.” And so I […]