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Golden Arrowhead

  Raw Elements Jewelry by Rachel Dropp has some nice statement necklaces. All very bohemian, geometric and kinda rustic. Besides the great necklaces there are these Small Diamond Shaped Arrowhead earrings which caught my attention. So as I couldn’t decide which necklace to feature I picked these earrings. I hope you like them as much […]

Salome Arrow Head Creoles

  Another Instagram discovery, from a week ago, the Salome Arrow Head Creoles. By following Katie Rowland, I was on there at the right time to see the newest picture (see above) which was just being uploaded. It was as if it popped into my eye. “Look at me, look at me.” And so I […]


  The Crystal Arrowhead necklace by Kei Jewelry is a perfect piece to layer with more necklaces. I think it even lookes better when you wear it with one of more necklace just as in the picture above.