Salome Arrow Head Creoles

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Another Instagram discovery, from a week ago, the Salome Arrow Head Creoles. By following Katie Rowland, I was on there at the right time to see the newest picture (see above) which was just being uploaded.
It was as if it popped into my eye. “Look at me, look at me.” And so I did. I was lovestruck in less than a second.

These earrings belong to the Salome Collection. I so get the description about it:
Katie Rowland is synonymous for her intricate designs, exquisite use of precious stones and metals, combined with dangerous female seductiveness. Rowland has taken inspiration from Oscar Wilde’s ‘Salome’ and Beardsley’s accompanying illustrations to create jewels encompassing richness and eroticism.
These earrings are exquisite, yes! Female seductiveness…check!
Plus, I find it sophisticated too.

About Katie Rowland’s jewelry itself, I couldn’t agree more with the brand its profile:
Creating jewellery described as having ‘elegance with an edge’, Katie Rowland’s jewellery is the perfect accompaniment to the modern women’s wardrobe, impeccably adorning the sophisticated yet fashion conscious woman.

katie rowland salome arrowhead - madeofjewelry
Rose gold | Gold | Silver


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katierowland morrigan - madeofjewelry
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[All images via Katie Rowland and Instagram & Collages by MoJ]