Maria Black, I Want It All!

maria black - madeofjewelry


Maria Black jewelry, sigh…
Her jewelry is special…different. Some items make me think of something spacial. Or I might simply be insane, that’s a possibility. But ‘oh-my-god’, the jewelry pieces are fascinating. They want me to look at them. They do scream it.
I am head over heels with her jewelry, just saying this as a sidenote.
While checking the online store I just kept drooling. I have some favorites by now, of course.
So let me show them to you:

maria black jagger necklace - madeofjewelry
Jagger necklace


maria black rings combo - madeofjewelry
Double Monocle ring | D’Arling Double ring | Goma ringDouble Spike ring | Tusk ring


maria black jewellery - madeofjewelry

Absolutely in love with all this above
Shard necklace | Tusk Diamond necklace | Wing necklace
Spear Chain bracelet | Nancy bracelet | Diamond Drop earcuff  (I adore!)| Billy Diamond earrings


maria black snow earring reverse - madeofjewelry
Snow reverse earrings



[All images via Maria Black | Collages made by MoJ]