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There is this Carnivore collection by Annelise Michelson. I find it pretty and audacious.
The name of the collection says enough about the jewelry piece themselves.
Also, know that each piece is produced in limited quantities and hand-crafted in France using only 100% French materials.

Let me show you two great pieces of the Carnivore collection:

annelise michelson carnivore - madeofjewelry
Carnivore Ear (earcuffs have become a trend…an essentiel piece to own!) | Carnivore Ring (double ring to be more cool!)
Each is available via Annelise MichelsonModa Operandi and Avenue 32

My other favorite piece by Annelise:
annelisemichelson manrepller scuptural draped ring - madeofjewelry

The Sculptural ring,
as seen worn by Leandra from Man Repeller (amongst other Annelise Michelson pieces)


[All images via Annelise Michelson and Facebook | Collages made by MoJ]