Violet Darkling

violet darkling - madeofjewelry

Violet Darkling has the wickest jewelry you have ever seen. Jewelry pieces which aren’t this common but oh-so-rad and oh-so-cute.
The designer Louisa Richwhite is definately inspired by some special creatures and can fit them into jewelry perfectly.
Her jewelry has that little thin more. It kinda is magic. This word ‘Magic’ popped in my head as soon I saw her collection along with other words such as “Midnight”, “Enchantment”, “Bewitched”, “Fantasy” and “Special Creatures”.

loris the explored by Violet Darkling - madeofjewelry

Loris The Explorer – available in other colors

VioletDarkling tarsieryellowsilver - madeofjewelry

Tarsier ring | Tarsier ring with pink tourmaline

violetDarkling Spider necklace - madeofjewelry

Spider necklace

violet darkling jewelry - madeofjewelry

Tarsier necklace (black matte) | Greedy Jeroba ring | Fossa Pearl necklace
Hypnotic Loris ring
Hypnotic Loris bracelet | Fossa ring with Amethyst Eyes | Spider earring


[All images via Violet Darkling | collages made by MoJ]