Nereus bracelet by Paula Mendoza

Paula Mendoza nereus bracelet - madeofjewelry

As if a snake wrapped itself around your wrist, but it ain’t a snake. It’s way better. This Nereus bracelet is wrapped organically with golden bubbles descending in size, it just look pretty.
And as if this is not enough for you: more is to come. More as in the soon-to-be-available collection SS14 “Triangle of Fortune”. Yes ladies, this bracelet will also come with mixed bubbles such as purple and turquoise.
Bold, rich, elegant, and timeless? Yes, this bracelet sure is!

paula mendoza - madeofjewelry

Designer Paula wearing her Nereus bracelet

The Nereus bracelet is available online via Bottica, Anthem Wares and Aha Life.

paula Mendoza double nereus - madeofjewelry

This happens when you combine two Nereus bracelets… Awesomeness!


[All images via Bottica and Paula Mendoza’s Facebook | Collages made by MoJ]