photo ShimellandMadden-orb-rings-madeofjewelry_zpsd0uj3brz.jpg

Designers Luke Shimell and Emma Madden, of Shimell & Madden,  were inspired for their newest collection by celestial bodies, their movements, and the mechanisms made to track them ‘Orb’ is a collection of mesmerising concentric designs. The use of semi-spherical stones is reminiscent of planetary shapes, and the circular patterns like their orbits.
The Orb collection features deep red cabochon garnets, fiery orange sapphires and circular white diamond details.
One of my favorite pieces is the Solar ring in yellow gold with a deep red cabochon and diamonds. Gorgeous!

 photo ShimellandMadden-orb-solart-madeofjewelry_zps18oyn617.jpg

Another fabulous piece of the Orb collection is this Alignment necklace

 photo ShimellandMadden-orb-alignment-madeofjewelry_zpspdf9e8r1.jpg


[All images thanks to Shimell & Madden]