Today I’m happy to present you the fine jewelry ‘Reina Collection‘ by Luca Jouel. A classic collection where you will find unique diamonds and gemstones together with gold and platinum tones. The pieces include rings, earrings and necklaces and have two notable things in common: their organic design and the lotus, which is also part of Luca Jouel‘s distinctive logo. ‘Reina’ means queen or most beautiful, and the Reina collection aims to capture the essence of this with pieces that are at once highly decorative and feminine, but that is also pared back and celebrate a bold and organic beauty.

Luca Jouel has been created by Australian gemologist, Tereena Lucas. Drawing upon a reverence for the healing arts, her love of jewelry from antiquity, as well as patterns of botanic and architectural origin, Tereena is attracted to a timeless style and her intention is to create heirloom quality jewelry that holds personal meaning for the wearer.

Her beautiful Reina Collection can be summed up in this way: Feminine, ornate, organic and bold. The essence of the modern queen.
And tell me, who doesn’t want to feel like a queen? 😉




[All images thanks to Luca Jouel | Collages by MoJ]