So Chevron

lomo salome coll chevron
Ain’t this a good looking collar?
Not too much and just enough of what a collar should be like. Not to simple but yet simplistic.
Get what I mean?
Originally from Norway, New York-based (Chelsea to be precise) jewelry designer Linn Lømo creates interesting polished pieces.
The Chevron collar from the FW13 Salome collection is on of those pieces and looks good, right? Lets keep our eyes open on Linn Lømo, because, I tell you, it will get more popular. Wanna bet?

The brand is already hot. It even has had an article/interview in Harper’s Bazaar. Not too shabby.

lomo Salome coll - madeofjewelry


lomo chevron collar - madeofjewelry

[All images via Odalisque Magazine, Pinterest and Instagram]