Aloha Gaia

aloha gaia - madeofjewelry
Aloha Gaia is a handmade jewelry brand created in 2013 by  an artist and blogger Dara Muscat and jewelry designer Thanich Thaweesuk.
Aloha Gaia jewelry inspired by nature, travel and love. And that you can see. They use crystals and raw stones which makes it all look natural and at the same time it’s all about love. Because ‘Aloha’ means love!
And who doesn’t love love?


aloha gaia jewelry - madeofjewelry

Leto cuff | Smoky Quartz crystal necklace | Harmony ring | Tamina earrings

aloha gaia1 - madeofjewelry
aloha gaia2 - madeofjewelry
aloha gaia terra slavebracelet - madeofjewelry

Terra slave bracelet


[All images via Aloha Gaia | Collages made by MoJ]