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I’d say Johanna Dauphin is quite creative. You can tell by her jewelry and photograps on her website.
Also note that the designer Johanna Dauphin has previously worked for Tod’s in Italy and
LVMH owned Fendi in Rome Italy, responsible for all the company’s accessories as group product manager. Not too shabby, right?
Johanna Dauphin was created 2013. It was created to let the fine jewelry and more excluisve 
fine line jewelry be separated from J Dauphin (created 2006). 
The jewelry is all handcrafted in Los Angeles with special attention to details and stone setting.

Johanna Dauphin’s new collection, Almost Naked, is all about clean cuts and simple lines. Smooth and fragile. Effortless baubles.


As pictured above:
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Gypsy Wisdom | Hidden Doors | New Horizont
Horizont, which I ad-ROAR-e. (Adore, adroare…get it?)


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Holding You | Keep Me on My Path


[All images via Johanna Dauphin | Collages made by MoJ]