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One of a Kind Labradorite

Shaesby Labradorite and Diamond Ring is a one of a kind labradorite statement ring with white diamond accents. Texan designer Sheasby Scott creates exquisite jewels. From rings to necklaces. Classic style but with a modern twist. This beauty is besides all this also a timeless ring for sure. It are the diamond details which gives […]

Arik Kastan’s ring bling

  If you are a jewelry enthusiast, than you cannot not love Arik Kastan. You would love every single ring, every single necklace (Cluster Padlock!), every bracelet and every pair of earrings. Hmhm, I’m telling you. In case you don’t know Arik Kastan…just not yet, be sure to take a closer look at these rings […]

Treasures by Nora Kogan

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Nora Kogan has those pieces I came across with¬†recently and I instantly liked them…a lot. There isn’t much I need to say because by seeing the pieces by yourself on Nora Kogan’s website you will know what I mean. So I will just show the two pieces which I currently adore. Fir,st […]