Treasures by Nora Kogan

Brooklyn-based jewelry designer Nora Kogan has those pieces I came across with recently and I instantly liked them…a lot.
There isn’t much I need to say because by seeing the pieces by yourself on Nora Kogan’s website you will know what I mean.
So I will just show the two pieces which I currently adore.
Fir,st of all there is this pendant.
malmo pendant Nora Kogan - madeofjewelry
The Malmo Pendant
A gorgeous pendant made out of a gorgeous labradorite gemstone surrounded (well, ‘pavéd’ when using correct therms…) with diamonds.

As it’s the year of the snake and as Nora got inspired by it and has a The Year Of The Snake collection…she created some fabulous pieces. And there is this one ring in particular I seem to adore.
The Araminty Rings
The Araminty Ring silver, diamonds & labadorite as my fav.
araminty labadorite Nora Kogan - madeofjewelry
All with labradorites and rainbow moonstones, with black or white diamond pavé.
Pick your favorite one!
araminty rings - madeofjewelry


[All images via Nora Kogan]