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  Say hello to these sleek beauties! The Large Spike earrings from the Firefly collection by IVY & LIV are the perfect addition to your ear-collection. Designers Fleur and Isabella have created a wonderful second collection which is to die for. Launched about two months ago, this modern and minimalist collection is waiting for you. Fine jewelry […]

Polished Spike

Gotta love this design by designer Lisa Linhardt. The Spike earrings are very stylish, elegant and just to die for. Such styles always get me. In case you think it’s too long or too big, then there is a smaller version of it! The Mini Spike earrings are available via Stone & Strand.

Spike Pearl

Classy and bold. and Edgy. That’s how I would describe the Spike Pearl earrings by Nektar De Stagni. Pearl is know for it being classy and stylish. Those pearl earring by designer Nektar have that something extra, golden spikes, which makes them look a little badass. But still looking elegant though.