Spinelli Kilcollin : Bluet

It happened so easily. I went over to Spinelli Kilcollin online because I had some interest in designer Yves Spinelli’s link rings such as the Nexus, Libra and Carina Gris rings. Eyecandy all the way. So yeah, I just wanted to see al of his unique and signature style creations.
And then, there she appeared, the Bluet Pavé ring. She popped up in my eye and it was as if she hypnotized me so I could never forget about her. Which I didn’t. So today I am putting this beauty in the spotlight so she can torment you, too, with her flawless beauty.
The Bluet Pavé ring is composed of a round Tahitian pearl which spins freely in a rolling setting. The bands of this ring are set with white diamonds and micro-pavé cognac diamonds. Just delish.

[All images via Spinelli Kilcollin]