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Jewel Lover : Beth Bernstein

Beth Bernstein, her name might ring a bell to you. She is a jewelry expert with vast experience in various areas of the jewelry industry. She is a very skilled writer (she even has published books!) Besides being a designer of her own brands (Estate of Grace Fine Jewelry and Bethany B) she also is a writer/editor […]

Jewel Lover : Kari

Today I am happy to share with you, well no, I’m happy Kari is sharing with you her favorite jewelry pieces and their story. I know lovely Kari only via Instagram. She is a huge jewelry enthusiast. A reason why adore her. I know she loves gold, her dogs, shark tooths but also much more. […]

Jewel Lover : Liz Kantner

Today is a start of something new. A new something which will be named ‘Jewel Lovers’. The name says everything by itself. With Jewel Lovers I will let you discover what other people (can be anyone, even you) love about jewelry and most of all, what their favorite piece is. Liz Kantner is the lucky […]