Elisabeth Bell : Thorns

My current necklace crush…well, let’s say crushes are Elisabeth Bell’s one-of-a-kind Thorn necklaces. The Pink Opal Thorn necklace and Diamond Thorn Tourmaline necklace are each necklace with unique stones hanging  from a diamond thorn.
Elisabeth was in Germany a few years back and there were these incredible trees covered in thorns, like nothing she had ever seen before.
“I thought that the thorns could be beautiful used in jewelry. I was able to source some recently and from there I cast them and set them with diamonds. The texture and shape of the thorn is unique and organic so I wanted to pair them with something equally special. I found two very rare stones over the last year that I chose to set them with: a pink liddicoatite tourmaline and a pink opal. I feel like the pieces are truly one of a kind. I’m always amazed by the beauty of nature and that is where I get my inspiration from. ” tells Elisabeth.




[All images thanks to Elisabeth Bell*