Ylang 23

If you’re a long time jewel enthusiast you probably know Ylang 23 and even purchased from them. But if not, let’s get to know about the store and the founders.
Established in 1985, Ylang 23 has built a reputation for its commitment to original designers whose passion and creativity shape worldwide trends. Central to Ylang 23’s success is the vision of its owners Joanne and Charles Teichman. They were the first in the U.S. to offer designer jewelry in the mid-1980’s, sell high-end jewelry online in 2000, and create a culture of unmatched customer service. About the name, you may wonder why 23…well it’s very simple: Joanne and Charles met on the 23rd, got engaged on the 23rd and married on the 23rd. It’s the family’s lucky number, just perfect!
Joanne was so sweet to tell us more about the beginnings of Ylang 23:

Little did I know that when I met Charles in New York almost 35 years ago, that we would not only marry that year but would be business partners. My background in Advertising and Marketing, with a heavy dose of journalism and photography, coupled with his Law Degree and business background, provided a perfect storm to balance each other, and we opened our store in Dallas in 1985.

We have always positioned ourselves as carrying top (and mostly) American designers, as seen on celebrities and those in the entertainment business, and on the covers of top Fashion Magazines. And providing Customer Service that is unsurpassed. Those haven’t changed in 30 years.

What has changed is how we reach our customers, and through the years, I have pushed the envelope from postcards and emails to launching a website in 2001, the first website to sell high end designer jewelry. I was an early adopter of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and still post each and every Instagram to our account, personally engaging with our followers.

We moved out of a Mall last year to a high end lifestyle destination in Dallas, which includes Sprinkles cupcakes and True Food Kitchen. It really has been a game changer, especially since we shed our pink and neon brightness from the old store and infused the new location with ‘Paris Atelier meets Soho Chic’. The response has been amazing.

We have always been at the forward edge of retailing, flying in designers for Trunk Shows in the 80’s, offering free 2 day shipping before anyone else, and discovering young designers early in their careers.

I love all of it. Working with Charles, having the greatest Team and Clientele on the planet, being able to use the creative side of my brain, experimenting, making amazing personal friends in the designer jewelry community. Going to work makes me happy, and often it is hard to leave.

When I’m not here, I’m plugged in more than Charles would like me to be, either answering emails or posting to Instagram, or answering comments.




The last year has been an amazing one in our new store. We have hosted Irene Neuwirth, Monique Pean, Cathy Waterman, Jennifer Meyer, Todd Reed, David and Ron from Ten Thousand Things, Jamie and Jeremy Joseph and Melissa Joy Manning. Their followers love connecting with them and seeing the new collections, not to mention attend a great party!

What’s next? We are celebrating our 30th year in business, and beyond coming up with an appropriate slogan “Celebrating 30 Years of the Next Now”, we have not decided how to celebrate.


– as told by Joanne to MoJ.



[All images thanks to Joanne & Photography by Mei-Chun Jau for FD Magazine]