Hanut Singh’s Earrings

Ever since I started the blog, I have gotten to know (discover actually) incredible creations from many various designers. I mainly easily all in love with rings, as you might know, I am a huge ring lover. But when it comes to designer Hanut Singh, it are his earrings which mesmerize me over and over again.
Oriental motifs, subtle details and stunning stones make the perfect match. Earrings with a royal feel.
Hanut’s jewels are also being worn by celebs such as Beyonce Knowles, Sophia Bush, Diane von Furstenberg, Madonna, Mary-Kate (my jewelry idol!) and Ashley Olsen…just to name a few.

It are earrings like these from Hanut Singh which makes me envious and willing to wear drop earrings instead of studs! Some art on your ears.
His distinctive palette and articulate design sensibility is drawn from a background (Hanut is the grandson of the late and great Maharaj Kumar Karamjit Singh of Kapurthala & Born into a family that is renowned for its exquisite jewelry) that is both rich and vigorously au courant. His creations are briskly modern, yet they dip into the past. This has lead to a view point that is fresh and dynamic.



[All images via & thanks to Hanut Singh, Dailymail and Getty Images | Collages all by MoJ  ]