Aquamarine Waves

It’s a my greatest pleasure to feature today’s fabulous ring by YUMILUV. Designer Jessica has recently created a range of new rings which includes this fab detail of prongs which looks like waves. It’s all about the details right?
This stunner Aquamarine Wave ring is so wonderful and has such a beautiful color which reminds me of summer and the blue seas. It makes me dream to go back on holiday, back to Greece where I went to two Summers ago. Or anywhere with a sea as blue as it can be.

Like so many, the sea is Jessica’s great Love.
“I could swim before I could walk, as a baby. I spent summers swimming and surfing in Hawaii as a kid. Otherwise, I was playing mermaids with my best friend in her pool or mine, every day. Later, living in Greece, I fell deeply in Love with the Aegean Sea… I’ve had extraordinary healings while swimming with wild dolphins in various locations. I love the different colors of the seas and oceans, and the way the colors change at various times of day. These rings are an ode to the waters and all the life that exists within it, as well as the life of the waters within all of our bodies. My wish is that whoever these rings belong to throughout the coming generations, they help remind them to respect the sea and the earth as well as reminding them of the connectedness we all share with water, on earth. Natural gemstones are a miracle. I love to be able to procure them for people in ways that can adorn the body and imbue the wearer with their magic! ” tells Jessica.
I have nothing but love for these rings and the story behind their creation.

This beautiful one-of-a- kind ring includes a 13x13mm faceted untreated aquamarine set with a wave bezel in solid 18k gold. 1.5mm band. A ring inspired by the sea.



[All images thanks to Jessica of  YUMILUV]