Sixteen Carat Slice

 photo saqqara-Sixteen-carat-madeofjewelry_zpsditx9gzi.jpg
Sometimes, I crush over necklaces. And this one is not that hard to have a crush on, don’t you agree?
In all its simplicity it ain’t just a ‘simple’ necklace. This Sixteen Carat Slice pendant (yes, 16!) by Saqqara, founded by Lady Nuttall, is a stunning luxurious piece, obviously.
With its dainty diamond chain holding a huge 16 ct. diamond, it is all eyes on your neckline for sure. Sparkle much!
This stunning diamond slice is surrounded by 6 carat white and black diamonds. Could you handle this amount of carats around your neck? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend… 😉
Simply sumptuous!

Designer Dalit on the diamond slice:
“When I came across this extraordinary diamond slice we gave it a rose cut finish as a natural play between the delicate and the pure rough. I then felt that the magnitude of its unique presence would be best served by the accompanying 6.1 carat of black and clear full cut diamonds; again playing with the balance between “fine and rough”.”.
 photo Saqqara-Sixteen-Carat-Slice-Pendant-madeofjewelry_zpscd2740uv.png

[All images via Saqqara]