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Todd Reed Palladium Tourmaline Cuff

I cannot resist tourmaline, I cannot resist hot pink and I can’t resist this cuff designed by Todd Reed. This incredible cuff of palladium (silvery-white metal) features a pink tourmaline and black brilliant-cut diamonds. Black and pink which also happens to be MoJ’s main colors, FYI. 😉 Todd Reed is known for his jewelry which is incredibly exquisite and […]

Indicolite Tourmaline

Let’s continue with gemstones today. A marvellous bespoke ring by Bezant caught my attention so I of course have to share I with you all. Designer Laura Bezant has an interesting background which influences her designs. Her grandfather was a calligrapher and if you know her work, you know typography is really her thing. If words or characters […]

Protection & Believes

Not this long ago I came across Céline d’Aoust online, Instagram I think. Anyways, I instantly got lovestruck with a necklace. Its shape was so gorgeous & girly but this combined with a gorgeous tourmaline stone made it all. Sublime! Plus I adore tourmalines because of their variety of colors. But the more pink, the more I like […]

Jochen Leën

Belgian jeweler Jochen Leën is a passionate man. He creates beautiful contemporary pieces and uses rare gemstones such as Paraïba Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Mandarin Garnet,… Bold,modern & desirable pieces and a real outstanding craftsmanship which blows you away.