Protection & Believes

 photo celinedaoust-tourmalineprotection-madeofjewelry_zpsnfofzxur.jpg

Not this long ago I came across Céline d’Aoust online, Instagram I think. Anyways, I instantly got lovestruck with a necklace.
Its shape was so gorgeous & girly but this combined with a gorgeous tourmaline stone made it all. Sublime! Plus I adore tourmalines because of their variety of colors. But the more pink, the more I like though.
While writing this post I did some research and was really amazed to find out Celine is actually based in Brussels, Belgium. Belgium where I am based too.
This beautiful one of a kind Protection & Believes  tourmaline eye necklace is a very stunning version of the evil eye. Very sophisticated and couldn’t be any prettier.

 photo celinedaoust-protectionandbelieves-madeofjewelry_zpse3cxev23.jpg

 photo celinedaoust-evileye-madeofjewelry_zpsodaohaxh.jpg



[All images via Céline d’Aoust and Instagram]