Today I am taking you to Paris!
Located near Place Vendôme, you can find the lovely jewelry boutique WHITE bIRD. The boutique offers exclusive jewelry by international designers and is runned by Stéphanie Roger, who opened the boutique back in 2010.
When it comes to jewelry, actually every wearable thing, I like to see it by myself and worn on me before purchasing it.
A boutique like WHITE bIRD is perfect for people with the same attitude as me. I haven’t been there, yet, but the interior is also worth to take a look at more closely. The shop is decorated with antique furniture and raw materials, natural rattan cages and cubes of clear glass.
Stéphanie is without a doubt a treasure hunter – read Q&A below – who has gold running through her veins.
Besides WHITE bIRD being a jewelry boutique in Paris, you can shop online from wherever you are. But it’s a good reason to visit Paris. 😉

Q&A with owner Stéphanie:

Who is WHITE bIRD Jewellery?
WHITE bIRD is a fine jewelry store and  e-shop that I created in December 2010 after having worked 25 years in the fine jewellery industry for large French brands. We curate designers from all around the world which have points in common such as :
– I choose the designers and pieces according to my own taste.
– They have a limited production and distribution and the pieces are handmade.
– They have a clearly identifiable style.

Where came the idea from to write WHITE bIRD with capital letters except ‘b’? I always got intrigued by this notation.
I worked with a friend of mine who is a graphic designer – she designed the logo and I had asked her to find a little twist that would be immediately identifiable. She had the idea of the small b – I liked it immediately !

What do you love about your company?
– I love being independent and free in my choices
– I love designer fine jewelry and the human relationship we have developed with each one – I love selling pieces all over the world thanks to our e-shop. We recently sent a ring to Alaska and I think it’s magical that this lady found us thanks to her research on Internet!

How do you select the designers/jewelry pieces for WHITE bIRD?
I travel, chase the international press and do a lot of searching on the web to. Then I contact the jewelers to see their collections in real, check the workmanship, the beauty of the stones and of course try the jewels on me!




[All images via WHITE bIRD, MoJ and Instagram]