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Gemmy Rings

Jane Taylor Jewelry is all about gemstones, shapes and colors. A variety of colors. Green, purple, pink…you name, you have it. And the shapes, oh… from baguette-cut stones to round and squares. For every ring admirer, Jane Taylor surely gives you a jewelry orgasm without a doubt. #jewelgasm guaranteed! Sumptuous pieces like Jane hers, deserve […]

Ray Griffiths

Ray Griffiths has recently conquered my heart. Yes indeed, I have fallen in love with his colorful range of rings. Stunning rings. They are each to die for. If you need a cocktail ring, Ray has got the one of your dreams waiting for you. I have already spotted mine!

Jochen Leën

Belgian jeweler Jochen Leën is a passionate man. He creates beautiful contemporary pieces and uses rare gemstones such as Paraïba Tourmaline, Tsavorite, Mandarin Garnet,… Bold,modern & desirable pieces and a real outstanding craftsmanship which blows you away.

Cree Necklace

  Besides the many rings (including the wedding rings) by Katie Diamond Jewelry, I do adore the Cree necklace. And to make it even better, the necklace is available in many gemstone colors so no doubt your favorite color is in there. Seventeen different stones, to be precise. Ain’t this great?! Love it in this […]