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Tree Frog

The jewelry pieces which designer Anthony Lent creates are like tiny pieces of art. Jewelry is a kind of art, that’s for sure. When it comes to the pieces by Anthony Lent it’s even beyond that.  It’s as if creatures and items have come right out of a fantasy world or something. Dreamy pieces which are so […]

Baguette Diamonds

Loving rings and loving Lizzie Mandler her creation hasn’t made it any easier for me to decide on what piece (or which) to put in MoJ’s spotlight! But voila, here is my post and I decided to show two different rings. Two different styles but both created with baguette cut diamonds. The brilliance of baguette cut diamonds […]

Oval Diamond

Diamonds are a girls best friend. And I believe this is true. Diamonds are timeless too. Tell me, which woman would mind to have diamonds? Not me, that’s for sure! Sarah Perlis’ Oval Diamond & Sapphire ring is one of those rings which HAS to become our best friend. 😉 An outstanding ring with a 1.6 carat […]

Fine Structure

I recently got very lucky to collaborate with Kelly Bello Design. Since MoJ hasn’t been build out yet as something bigger than what it is now and I don’t have a photographer (neither a hairstylist!), I although tried the best I could to take some good images of the Stretched Triangle necklace. Anyways, the necklace is such a marvelous […]

Double Bezel

Once again, it was instant love. Yup, rings always get me. My weakness I guess. This sparkler stands out with its less traditional design. Yasuko Azuma Jewelry‘s Double Bezel diamond ring is to die for. Literally. Diamonds set in double bezel ring, made of 18k yellow gold with a matte finish. I mean c’mon, you […]


This ring by Heidi Gibson just really got me. It was love at first sight. This beauty is called the Rhapsody ring. A beautiful 14k rose gold ring has a moissanite center and diamond halo. The pear-shaped composition of the Rhapsody ring is, as its name suggests, “a work free in form and inspiration.”. Pear diamonds are as unique in […]

Spinelli Kilcollin : Bluet

It happened so easily. I went over to Spinelli Kilcollin online because I had some interest in designer Yves Spinelli’s link rings such as the Nexus, Libra and Carina Gris rings. Eyecandy all the way. So yeah, I just wanted to see al of his unique and signature style creations. And then, there she appeared, the Bluet […]


The extremely talented Fernando Jorge can make every woman swoon. His jewelry designs are marvelous. Pieces for women with style, that’s for sure. There is no piece I do not like. Please take a closer look at the ring I am featuring by Fernando. It’s the Howlite Fusion long ring. It’s the combination of the howlite and black diamonds that […]