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WWake Favorites

  I am going to show you some of my favorite pieces by WWAKE. At first, I wanted to feature the High stack, Rough Peak stack and First stack rings. Great stacking combo. But what about my fascination for the Open Opal and Diamond ring and other pieces? So let’s take a peek at all […]

Fuck Yeah, Waris

  Designer Waris Ahluwalia  from House of Waris knows how to please us ladies. All the jewelry Waris creates makes me envious of those who own a jewelry piece by him. They are exquisite. Jewelry pieces to be shown. Yup, that is what they are. Not worth to be just laying there in a drawer […]


  I already loved the Relic collection by Sabine G.. The use of white diamonds and rubies on some pieces made me think about a necklace I once had. Note that the necklace hadn’t diamonds or rubies… But let’s leave this as a sidenote. Sabine has this new Harlequin collection which is pretty amazing. The […]

Long Diamond Bar

  Meet here the pretty and shiny Long Diamond Bar And Fragment Ring from the Gossamer collection by Hirotaka. A beautiful piece, which if I owned it, I would never take it off. It classy but it’s perfect for everyday wear. And it is stylish the way I like it. The diamonds make the ring […]

Digging Jemma Wynne

  Yeah, seriously. If you now tell me you don’t like jewels by Jemma Wynne then you must be not human. Not even an alien because I am pretty sure even aliens would adore the brand its beautiful pieces. Jemma Wynne, by Jenny and Stephanie, is a synonym for sophisticated. Luxurious and feminine are other […]

Triangles On Your Ear

  I recently came across Smith + Mara via Instagram. Yup, to me, Instagram is a real walhalla to discover brands and designers I never heard about and to fall in love with their creations.  Smith + Mara is one of those discoveries. When scrolling down to check out their pictures, my eyes caught their Pavé Diamond Cutout triangle […]