WWake Favorites

wwake - madeofjewelry

I am going to show you some of my favorite pieces by WWAKE. At first, I wanted to feature the High stack, Rough Peak stack and First stack rings. Great stacking combo.
But what about my fascination for the Open Opal and Diamond ring and other pieces?
So let’s take a peek at all those!


wwake rings - madeofjewelry

Nestled Opal and Diamond ring | Open Opal and Diamonf ring

Wrapped Triangle ring | Arc Kammie ring (Available  a variety of stones)


wwake Opal Diamond Earrings - madeofjewelry

Classic Opal diamond earrings

wwake stick bracelet - madeofjewelry

Stick bracelet


wwake right neck cuff - madeofjewelry

Left neck cuff



[All images via WWAKE | Collages made by MoJ]