Digging Jemma Wynne

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Yeah, seriously. If you now tell me you don’t like jewels by Jemma Wynne then you must be not human. Not even an alien because I am pretty sure even aliens would adore the brand its beautiful pieces.
Jemma Wynne, by Jenny and Stephanie, is a synonym for sophisticated. Luxurious and feminine are other words I would link to the brand. It has everything the girl in us dreams about.
The use of gemstones and diamonds, the bracelets… I wouldn’t mind owning a few pieces.
The jewelry pieces have it all and they know how pretty they look.
Jemma Wynne is a girl’s best friend.

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Personalized Hexagon Bangle | Personalized Rectangle Bangle with Blackened Diamond Border | Personalized Rectangle Bangle


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jemma wyne rose cut triangle necklace - madeofjewelry

Rose Cut Diamond Triangle Pendant
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Tanzanite Pear Bangle


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jemma wynne Bi Color Tourmaline-Earrings - madeofjewelry (1)

 Bi-Color Tourmaline Earrings with Diamonds


[All images via Jemma Wynne, Ylang 23, Facebook and Instagram]