Fuck Yeah, Waris

houseofwaris jewelry - madeofjewelry

Designer Waris Ahluwaliaย  from House of Waris knows how to please us ladies.
All the jewelry Waris creates makes me envious of those who own a jewelry piece by him. They are exquisite.
Jewelry pieces to be shown. Yup, that is what they are. Not worth to be just laying there in a drawer or jewelry box.
House of Waris jewelry have something catchy. My favorites? All the pieces in this post!


House of Waris drop ring forevermark - madeofjewelry
Drop ring


House of Waris samantha banks - madeofjewelryActress Samantha banks wore theย Light Emanating from the Heartย at the Oscars 2013


house of waris Kate Winslet - madeofjewelry
Kate Winslet wearing the Flame bracelet inย Glamour magazine


[All images viaย Reuters,ย Forevermark,ย Huffington Post,ย Jones magazine,ย InStyle,ย MyTheresa,ย Artificiousย andย Farfetchย | Collages made by MoJ]