Double Bezel

 photo YasukoAzumaJewelry-madeofjewelry

Once again, it was instant love. Yup, rings always get me. My weakness I guess.
This sparkler stands out with its less traditional design. Yasuko Azuma Jewelry‘s Double Bezel diamond ring is to die for. Literally.
Diamonds set in double bezel ring, made of 18k yellow gold with a matte finish. I mean c’mon, you just cannot not love it, right?
As Yasuko says: “The pieces never outshine my customers but rather enhance their diverse and inherent beauty.”.

 photo YasukoAzumaJewelry-Double_Bezel_peach-madeofjewelry

 photo YasukoAzumaJewelry-rings-madeofjewelry



[All images via Yasuko Azuma Jewelry and Instagram]