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Pear Rose Cut

Diamonds, I never can get enough off them. In any shape or in any color…they keep on getting my attention. But who doesn’t love everything that sparkles? Gillian Conroy‘s 0.80 Carat Pear Rose Cut Grey Diamond ring is one of those rings which isn’t just another diamond ring. It is a classic and refined ring with a […]

Tori Flower

I’m a long-time lover of Melissa Kaye jewelry. My heart skipped a beat as soon I saw the Tori Flower ring on her social media. I find this ring very delicate yet bold at the same time. I particularly love how the diamonds continue seamlessly from the center ornament around the entire band. This ring looks beautiful from all […]

Ioanna Souflia

Ioanna Souflia is a jewelry designer from Greece living in Paris. Ioanna is the founder of the homonym brand Ioanna Souflia Jewelry which just has launched their first fine jewelry collection, the Symbiosis collection. This collection is based on the co-existence of contrasting elements; colors, shapes, volume and materials and the pieces are all handmade in black gold, white […]

Kat Florence Paraiba Tourmaline necklace

Now tell me, how gorgeous is this unique 98.50 carat Paraiba Tourmaline necklace by Kat Florence. The necklace includes 145 grams of 18k gold, 1842 diamonds including 23.84 carats of VVS1 diamonds and the 98.50carat Paraiba Tourmaline center piece. “When I first saw this stone I wanted to set it in a jewelry piece with diamonds […]

Crossed Pearls

If you love pearls and diamonds, then you might like this classy ring too. German based designer Yana Nesper is known for her pearl jewelry. Her pearl collections are modern yet classic and sophisticated. The X-ring with South Sea pearls is so pretty. I’m sure you agree with me. It has this elegant, flawless look […]

Inverted Diamond

A new day, a new crush. The Mixed Tone Inverted Diamond ring that is. This little gem is created and made by designer Todd Pownell. His Tap by Todd Pownell ring collection is stunning. Incredible one-of-a-kind rings with diamonds of all kinds which make you wish it’s your birthday every day over and over again.

Paola van der Hulst

Who is Paola van der Hulst? She is an amazing fine jewelry designer who is super talented…read multi-talented. Besides creating fabulous jewelry piece she is also an amazing artist. She creates beautiful digital paintings which you just want to hang up in your living room. At least, I do! Paola van der Hulst’s jewelry line was […]

April Birthstone

This month’s birthstone is the best know of all, the diamond. We known that diamond is the hardest substance found in nature. The hardest diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds. Whether it is rose cut, baguette cut, emerald cut, etc…we all know how pretty diamonds are. It is the most common gemstone when […]