Paola van der Hulst

Who is Paola van der Hulst? She is an amazing fine jewelry designer who is super talented…read multi-talented. Besides creating fabulous jewelry piece she is also an amazing artist. She creates beautiful digital paintings which you just want to hang up in your living room. At least, I do!
Paola van der Hulst’s jewelry line was born not this long ago, in 2013, out of her love for beauty, small details, creativity, and a special inkling for precious stones. Drawing from her rich cultural experiences, her artwork, and her life in Mexico, all designs are crafted by Paola herself and subsequently produced in her workshop in Mexico City.
Luxury and elegance are two words which describe her work perfectly. As soon you’ll see her pieces you’ll get what I mean and I even want to bet you will become obsessed with her jewelry.
Every day, designers like Paola amaze me with their craft and how artistic they are.

The Tonali collection is to die for.
Inspired by the curvature found in the pre-Hispanic Nahuatl dialect, and the symbols and textures found throughout Aztec pottery and jewelry, the second fine jewelry collection by Paola van der Hulst aims to maximize the brilliance of the stones while carrying on with the notion of ‘flowing metal’ from her inaugural collection.
Throughout the collection, the diamonds can be found ‘encased’ between sheets of matte and high-polished 18K yellow and palladium white gold, as if they are floating.

[All images via Paola van der Hulst | Collages by MoJ]