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  It’s pretty and affordable, meet the Swarovski Crystal cuff by Black Tied. Love it in rose gold but it also looks pretty in black metal. All eyes on the large  Swarovski crystal.  Note the colors in it… aurora borealis (or the northern lights). As it’s Friday and it means TGIF, here is a little surprise […]

Crystal Reflection

  I absolutely do adore some of Jill Golden‘s earrings. And bracelets. But I chose to feature the Reflection Crystal necklace after seeing this image of this beautiful layer of necklaces. Such a great neckparty. These three necklaces are absolutely stunning worn together. The Montgomery collar and Crystal Pyramid Spike necklace, worn with the Reflection Crystal necklace. Perfection!

White Lion

  Once upon a time there was this beatiful lady called Jessica Balyck. A beautiful lady who became a jewelry designer. I guess you already know where I am going with my story… Yes, indeed, Jessica launched her brand aka Balyck and today I am presenting to you her Crystal bodypiece from the White Lion […]

Let’s Articulate

  Maria Francesca Pepe jewelry is one of the coolest I do know. I don’t know why but it kinda attracts me. The jewelry looks a little playful, a little bold. And also lovely. It’s young and fresh. A perfect example are the different kinds of articulated rings which you can find back in MFP’s […]

Resin Rose

By following Oscar PR Girl on Instagram, I discoverd this playful Resin Rose Ring. It is so girly. It makes me think of that fairy Barbie doll I once had, Butterfly Princess Barbie. She had butterflies all over on her dress and with the magnetic pink rose you could open and close their wings. Good memories. The […]

Wrap Your Head

Aria Crystal   ….with Lelet NY. Nothing more feminine to wear a headpiece. And with the holidays coming, give it a try I haven’t tried one on so far. And I want to! Do head accessories suit everyone? I have no idea…seriously, I’m sorry for not being able to answer that question. Which makes us […]

Crystal Claws

  The girl inside me has fallen for House of Emmanuele‘s jewelry. The floral style, Swarovski crystals…the shapes, the bling…everything. When looking at all those pieces by designer Emmanuele Tsakiris you just can’t stop. All those pieces are just beauties which you can’t stop looking at. You must take a look at the necklaces. Just loo at […]